Tuesday, June 22, 2004

About Spaceship Summer

This weblog is dedicated to information about space tourism, the X-Prize, and CATS (Cheap Acess to Space). Submissions may be made by email to fairwater AT gmail DOT com, or to the usenet newsgroup sci.space.policy, please put [Spaceship Summer] in the subject line. Essays, comments, pictures, or anything else related to the topic are gladly accepted.

The name Spaceship Summer comes from several sources. It's in honor of the first manned civilian spaceflight on the first day of summer 2004, as well as the classic science fiction short story 'Rocket Summer' by Ray Bradbury. It's also an allusion to the eternal sunshine of outer space.

Alert readers will note that I've now released the contents of this website under a Creative Commons license. I feel that this issue is every bit as important as CATS. (Don't worry about your comments though, they remain your property.)

As this weblog leans more towards analysis than news, there may or may not be daily updates and changes, I will however keep the non-space material to a minimum.


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